Soaps, Bath & Body


The Rusty Pitchfork Farm & Garden

If someone asked Kim what her favourite creation is...it's making gorgeous, nose tickling, bubbly soaps!

Some of the fun ingredients in her specialty recipes include beer, wine, yogurt, tallow...and the list goes on and on!  She offers bars that are scented with high grade, natural Essential Oils as well as fun fragrances like Cucumber Mint or more exotic scents like Bourbon Tobacco (one of Kim's personal favourites), just to name a few.

Only the highest grade ingredients are painstakingly selected for each unique batch of soap.

Additionally, Kim's soap cutter was imported from Russia as she had it specifically designed to be larger than your average North American size.  Better and bigger...everyone wins!

Kim takes pride in everything that she makes...from start to finish!

And, if you don't see something on Kim's product menu, please reach out.  She will be happy to discuss your unique needs.

Bath & Body

Wouldn't it be great if we could purchase items for ourselves and our family without worrying about chemicals and toxins?!?.  Well, The Rusty Pitchfork makes that possible!

We offer a plethora of items to choose from that do just that...no chemicals nor toxins.  Everything from zero waste hair shampoo and conditioner bars to rich lip balms and eczema products...Kim makes it all by hand.  Every batch and every ingredient is researched and reviewed for quality control, performance and customer reviews.