If your pet has anxiety issues, separation anxiety, bad behaviour or just young animal 'crazy behaviour' that is annoying the heck out of you...Pet Calm will become your BFF!  

Pet Calm

  • Witch Hazel, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, and Roman Chamomile, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean.

  • "Pet calm. I had to lion cut my cats due to matted fur. 1-first time cut and skittish- possible sedation required if difficult. 2nd cat -seasoned. I sprayed my hand and got them to sniff it and petted their chest with it so they can smell it continuously. For added measure I sprayed a facecloth and threw it in the cage. The drive was 5 minutes. They stopped screaming in under 5 min😁. NO SEDATION=NO ADDED COSTS.   THANKS KIM!💕"


    Joyce W.