We have formulated several essential oil blends to assist with different conditions.  Each rollerball or dropper bottle is made with a variety of essential oils for very specific results.  Each rollerball/dropper bottle is then filled with fractionated coconut oil for easy rolling or dropping.  See below for detailed product information and usage.

Essential Oil Blends

  • Focus & Concentration:  This blend is for those of us that can't seem to keep things together...whether that be forgetfulness, tiredness or just too much stuff running around inside your brain.  This essential oil cocktail helps battle scatteredness and gives you the ability to concentrate and better able to plan.

    Ultra Calm:  This little beauty helps those that need more emotional support due to anxiety, stress or environmental factors that are out of our control.  While expensive, it works like a charm.

    Get Along!:  I honestly believe we should all bathe in this stuff!  No matter the age, we all get crunchy!  But, when things are a bit out of control...reach for this instead.  Great for children in school that are having a hard time getting along with others...great for adults that are just plain irritable and everyone in between.  Approved by my son's teachers! :)

    Anxiety & Stress:  If you suffer from anxiety, whether that is chronic anxiety or episodes every once-in-awhile...this puppy is for you!  Easy and discreet...no one will know when you use it...other than you will smell great!

    Depression:  If you battle the blues...this little girl will put a smile on your face in no time!

    Sleep Sedative:  If you suffer from insomnia or waking up during the night...this will be your new best friend.  Keep in mind that there is Valarian Root as one of the essential oils that I use and to me, it smells like stinky socks.  So, i recommend only putting the oil on the bottom of each foot.  That makes it a Looooong way from your nose! :). Even though it may not smell like a boquet of roses...the sleep will make the stinky sock smell worth it!

    Anti Hyper Activity:  For those of us that cannot sit or calm down easily.

    Tummy Trouble Fixx:  Whether you are Gluten Intolerant, eatch too much or have a sensitive stomache...this is the bees knees!  Simply shake, place a dropper full of liquid onto your hand and rub clockwise onto your tummy.  Within minutes you will have relief!


  • With all rollerball or dropper remedies...you simply shake and place the product on the bottom of your neck (the top of your spine) and the inside of each wrist.  If the symptoms are really acute, take off your socks and place a good 'swipe/amount' across the arch of each foot (this is actually the best receptor for essential oil absorbtion on the body).