This product is to be used in conjunction with our Zero Waste Shampoo & Conditioners.  When we transition from commercial products to natural, there is a bit of a transition phase that occurs when the 'junk' is coming off your hair shaft.  Our Argan Hair Spritz combats that transition period and rebalances our hair to make it "normal" once again.

Argan Hair Spritz

  • After conditioning your hair, shake the bottle and then spray about 6 pumps into the palm of your hand.  Rub both hands together and then masage the product from the ends of your hair towards the scalp.  It will smell a bit 'vinegar-y' as we do use Apple Cider Vinegar in the formula.  That will dissipate very quickly and your hair will not smell like vinegar for long.  Style and process as usual.  Typically you will need to use this product for a few days until your hair has sloughed off the chemicals.