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Farm & Garden

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The Rusty Pitchfork Farm & Gard
The Rusty Pitchfork Farm & Gard

We are a proud family of five.  We have three amazing boys, one daughter in law (and one in training) and three grandchildren, ALL of whom we adore.

We chose to change our lifestyle, forego our busy lives as Police Officers and embrace the country lifestyle.  We wanted to do more of what we love and leave behind the crazy hustle and bustle of city life.

And we LOVE Fraser Lake...so much so, we decided to invest into our small, yet dynamic community and open a Bistro in addition to opening a store front in town.  Drop in for a lovely hot bevvy, cold drink, sweet treat or light lunch!
November HOURS 
Store Hours: Tuesday - Saturday (8:00am-2 pm)
Sunday, Monday & Holidays: CLOSED



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